What are the benefits of Tongue Scraping?

Tongue scraping is an oral hygiene process to remove food, bacteria, dead cells and toxins from the surface of the tongue.

Oral hygiene experts believe that tongue scraping is far superior at removing bacteria from the tongue than using a toothbrush. Brushing or flossing will help to loosen the debris but it won’t completely remove the build up. Research has shown that 50% of bacteria in our mouths accumulate on the surface of the tongue. The big crevices on the tongue surface are perfect places for bacteria to gather and build up. Sometimes our tongues turn different shades of colour; ranging from white, yellow and even green. This is due to a heavy build up of bacteria and toxins on the tongue.

By using a tongue scraper, it helps the general health of your teeth and gums. Removing the build up of plaque, bacteria & toxins will prevent tooth decay, losing teeth, infections and receding gums.

Tongue Scrapers Stop Bad Breath

Bad breath can make you feel very self-conscious, affect your personal life and even relationships. Most cases of bad breath are caused by bacteria building up on the tongue. Studies have shown that people who use tongue scrapers generally notice an improvement in oral health and have fresher breath.

Tongue Scrapers Improve Digestion

I was always taught as a child that digestion of your food starts in the mouth… and it’s true!

The saliva in your mouth is filled with enzymes that help to break down food. A cleaner mouth will help aid in digestion as the enzymes will function far better.

If you want to enjoy the full flavours of your food then tongue scrapers are a “must have.” The bacteria build up on the tongue can actually prevent taste buds from recognising food. Removing the build up of mucus will allow the blocked taste buds to open up.