The 2 Week Diet Review

Is the 2 Week Diet right for me?

The Two Week Diet is designed to be effective extremely fast, so that you see changes immediately. They claim that in just 14 days you will achieve what most other diets would in 2-3 months. So if you want to lose weight fast; whether you want to fit into a dress for an upcoming occasion or you just want to look and feel better, this diet could be the one for you. Now you might wonder – “if I am losing this weight so fast, can the 2 week diet be good for me”? I wouldn’t recommend this diet it I didn’t believe it worked, while keeping you healthy and making you live a healthier lifestyle. I would say that this is more of a short term diet and if you wanted a more long term healthy diet program then you should perhaps check out my other reviews. But let me tell you why this diet is so fantastic!


What is included in the 2 Week Diet?

The 2 Week Diet is composed of four different handbooks which are packed full of useful, easy to read content.

The Launch Handbook

This handbook is more science based, which shows you the scientific side of gaining and losing weight. It is easy to understand and shows the clear process of burning body fat. It teaches you how you might have been unknowingly gaining fat to begin, with so that you can prevent it returning after you have completed the 2 Week Diet. I thought that some foods like beef were healthy because it was packed full of minerals and proteins but the truth is too much of it can really be bad for you and make you start piling on the pounds. I was always told as a kid that breakfast was the most important meal of the day… that it prepared you for the day by giving you lots of energy. The 2 Week Diet has shown that this might not be the case and has an alternate theory. Anyway that’s just a sneak peak of what is to come in the diet program… It really is different to most other diet programs I’ve seen!

The Diet Handbook 

The remarkable thing about this Diet Handbook is how personalised it is. It has been designed so that different body types, that have different needs and is not a generic diet (one for everybody). The diet shows clearly with easy instructions on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. You don’t have to buy expensive produce, just affordable and healthy food you can buy at any store. To lose weight you need to know what foods to avoid as most people eat foods they think could be healthy but really is just putting on more fat. There is actually supplied, a full list of the best tasting and fat reducing foods found all over the globe.

The Activity Handbook

The Diet handbook will make you lose weight amazingly fast but the activity handbook will help you to lose more weight even faster. This is especially good for people who lead very busy lives and might not have the time to go to the gym. I have two young girls to care for, so finding the time for the gym can be very hard. If you, like me have a very busy schedule then this could definitely be the diet programme for you. Inside this handbook there are easy exercises for you to try, and just 15-20 minutes are day would be plenty to show you good results. It is varied so that if you maybe don’t like some of the exercises or struggle doing others then you really don’t need to worry.

Other people that use the gym regularly can also use this handbook as it has a truly awesome workout plan inside. New beginners or even the expert gym goer, can and will find this useful. I am currently using another diet program at the moment but I still sometimes use the workout plan in this handbook because it is so brilliant!

The Motivation Handbook

If there’s one thing everyone needs and often struggles with is finding the motivation needed to take on the challenges of the day. The Motivation Handbook is guaranteed to give you a wondrous boost in motivation. This Handbook gives you the desire to act, to push you to achieve the best results possible.

When the body is using up more energy than it is consuming (when exercising), the body’s cells rely on internally stored energy sources, such as fats, for energy.  Doing workouts at the gym or at home burn up more energy and will burn your body fat quicker. Therefore doing more exercises whilst following this diet at the same time will definitely produce better results, rather than just following a diet or exercising. Doing both at the same time is definitely the key.

The Motivation Handbook gives you the inspiration and energy to break through mental barriers. Showing us proven focus techniques to keep you motivated throughout The 2 Week Diet. I still use these techniques to keep me motivated in my daily life and this is why I really want to share this diet programme with you.


Should I join The 2 Week Diet?

If you are looking for a fast acting, short term diet, then I would say this diet is perfect for you. This diet has helped so many people and you can see their success stories on the 2 Week Diet website. If you are looking for a more long term diet then check out my other reviews. What I would say though, is don’t be scared, jump right in and start taking action now! Too many people are afraid to join a diet programme and nothing gets done about losing their weight. Check out their website here.