Himalayan Salt Candles

Over the past few years Himalayan rock salt has become increasingly more popular.

This special type of salt is mined deep in the Himalayas, where it has been protected from modern day pollution. It is raw, unprocessed and mined by hand, making it the purest salt on earth. The unique rock salt is packed full of nearly 80 different types of minerals.

Many professionals believe that these properties have incredible health benefits. The Himalayan salt candles act as a negative ion generator which helps to purify the air. Positive ions cause a lot of health problems such as depression, insomnia and anxiety. Therefore the Himalayan salt helps neutralise these ions.

The Purer, more oxygenated air created by the rock salt candles will relieve migraine headaches, allergies and give you a huge energy boost.

To sum it up; the benefits of Himalayan rock salt candles are:
-Purifying the air
-Protects against electromagnetic radiation
-Increases oxygen in the atmosphere
-Protects you from toxins in the air
-Eases symptoms of allergies
-Lowers blood pressure